• I’m trying to tell a story

    Pictures have a fascinating way of making you feel included, present, and reminiscent... even if you were not there. I love the power of photography, so I started my business and put together this blog so that we can all do life together.

Here are some of the sweet, little beauties who participated in our Beauty For Ashes event in Albania this month. We got to love on ’em, teach them about Jesus and spend a few hours pampering them and making them feel beautiful inside & out. I snapped a few pictures to show them just how lovely they are!


We left Asia this past month, after spending five months in India, Nepal, Viet Nam, Cambodia and Thailand! On our way to Eastern Europe for our next three months, we had a lovely layover in Rome, Italy. We arrived at 8:00 pm and stayed out until 2:00 am! We explored the streets, saw the tourist places we could (the Coliseum, Trevi Fountain), got pizza, wine, espresso and gelato! We tried to cram as much we could in, while we had the blessed opportunity to be there. It was a nice little vacation in between our months of ministry! Here are a few pictures from our night on the town. Thankful for the sweet little breaks we get to explore!


This month we have had the lovely opportunity to teach English to kindergarten and primary school children here in Cambodia! The little ones here are something special, they all are so beautiful and their eyes hold a weighted sincerity. Each individual has a different story, a different reason for attending Good News International School, but a similar belonging to this wonderful and brave country. I hope these pictures convey the same message and evoke you to imagine “their story.”


This last month was hands down jaw-droppingly beautiful as it was memorable. We spent most of our time teaching conversational English with our friends from the local university’s in Da Nang, Viet Nam. In the other parts of our day, we were doing ministry on the beach at 5:30 am (volleyball and aerobics classes with the locals), visiting local coffee shops and befriending the baristas, babysitting/carpentry/gardening/home schooling for foreign missionaries, hosting community girls and guys nights, and helping with the children’s services at church. It was a busy month full of making new friends and doing life with the people of Viet Nam!

As part of my monthly promise, here are some shots I captured of the incredible people and historic places of Viet Nam!

Our hearts are on the brim of extreme overflows of joy as we process and reflect on our last month spent in Nepal. We met some lovely, life-breathing, truth-speaking humans, and we saw some of God’s most breathtaking landscapes. We feel blessed immensely to have spent time serving the Lord in Nepal. Here are a few of my photos of our friends throughout the country.