A Wednesday in Kenya

6:30 – waking up
6:32 – wash face. Brush hair. Get dressed.
6:40 – back in bed for quiet time.
7:00 – go downstairs and get guitar for bible study with girls.
7:09 – bible study. And singing Lord I Need You. Prayed and discussed goals.
7:40 – headed downstairs for breakfast. Yummy chai and peanut butter toast.
8:00 – Jordynn is sick, and decides to stay home for the day :(
8:10 – start to head out the door for our ministry site.
8:11 – realized I left my doxycycline (anti- malarial drug) pill upstairs.
8:12 – head out the door again
8:13 – start walking down towards Kibera to catch the KBS (Kenya Bus System)
8:21 – finally see a bus on the side of the “road” with sparks flying. A man is welding the mirror back on the bus.
8:23 – board bus and wait for it to run again.
8:41 – finally leaving.
8:47 – pay the bus driver caddy 50 shillings after he originally told us it was only 40. They tend to change their minds after we’ve already left.
9:23 – get off bus in downtown Nairobi
9:30 – board matatu (small bus) towards lower Kabete.
9:58 – get off matatu at the boys home.
9:59 – walk past field of cows.
10:00 – inside classroom waiting for everyone to show up for devotions.
10:11 – devotion time!
10:40 – went to large room and greeted the boys.
10:46 – Martin made each of us go up in front of the kids and sing our own song….. Haha rough times!
11:01 – performed skit for the boys.
11:14 – headed out with Dee and Hilary to the Nairobi Children’s Home while the boys stayed back
11:16 – walked through farm and large field towards home.
11:40 – started doing dishes outside
11:52 – grated carrots for the kids dinner.
11:59 – was given cocoa chai tea to drink (yummy!!)
12:16 – served food to the children and had sweet hugs and jibberish of Swahili spoken to us by 3 and 4 year olds :)
12:29 – ate rice and beans (with occasional pieces of who knows what in our food) for lunch with two of the young boys!
12:48 – clean up dining hall
12:54 – Hilary washed dishes while Dee sent me off to play with the kids.
12:55 – 5 children were grabbing me speaking Swahili and giving me a tour of their home.
12:57 – we ended up in the back, what looked like their “playground” and I heard a kid wailing. Turns out he was alone in this shed sitting in the dirt.
12:58 – picked him up and wiped his tears. He instantly stopped crying and clung to me.
12:59 – all the children begin to swat dirt off me in all directions. They were all shouting, “udongo,” which is “soil.”
1:00 – played with the children on the swing set as they all waved and said, “hi auntie Kimmy!” each time they passed.
1:22 – left children’s home.
1:34 – back to cow pasture with the rest of the team for our lunch break.
2:00 – headed back to boys home.
2:12 – taught class on success with Hilary, Edwin, Borris, and Fred.
2:13 – Fred started off class with a joke Hilary made. He made her and I come in front of the class and cheer, “S – U – C – C – E – S – S that’s the way we spell success!”
2:16 – after fighting back and forth on correct English (all joking!) I became the English writer for the class.
3:00 – class is over and heading home!
3:04 – fist pump all the children.
3:07 – board bus from lower Kabete towards Nairobi.
3:14 – crazy bus. Dee, Hilary, Austin and I are all in the back row. Loud, loud, loud bass with foreign Swahili rap blaring and vibrating our seats. So we make a dance party out of it.
3:46- arrive in downtown Nairobi.
4:01 – head to downtown Massai store to do some shopping
4:32 – get on KBS back towards Kibera
4:43 – man tried to sell me bananas through the window of the bus
4:47 – another man points at me through bus window and says, “I love you” (mzungu probz)
5:13 – back in Kibera
5:16 – Austin stops at market to get dinner and we continue home.
5:18 – home.
5:20 – finally see Jordyn after all day! And she’s feeling much better :)
5:50 – blogging in my bunk bed
6:02 – I can hear dinner being made downstairs.
6:07 – thanking God that I’m living the life I am.












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