Irene is beautiful

They grabbed my hands and examined my blue veins. They kept braiding my hair, hugging my side, and pulling the hair off my arms. I’m a mzungu.

I’m white. And a little bit foreign.

94% of the time they speak Swahili and I’m lost in translation.

… But they make me feel loved. Overwhelmed with love. Drowned with love. Here I am to love them, and I leave feeling beyond blessed.

Today we visited a government run institution of girls who have been sentenced by court for crimes, or have been abandoned.

But you would have never known this. They giggle more than other children I’ve met and sing so loud that you have no choice but to join in!

One sweet girl came up to me and introduced herself, her name is Irene.

A couple minutes later she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her,

“Kimmy’s beautiful.” She said.

Oh how my heart did backflips. I grabbed her face and told her,

“Irene is beautiful! God made you beautiful.”

She smiled so big and pulled me towards her, and I couldn’t help but think about the way God does that to us. Not only do we thank God for his astounding, breath taking creation, but he delights in that same beauty He made in us.


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