One for the books

At 7:15 am I unwillingly rolled out of bed as my sleepy eyes made my way to my closet. I was up early and ready to tackle a very busy day.

Little did I know, this day would be one for the books.

It’s unreal how real my life has become.

How such abnormal events have become everything but strange.

I made myself breakfast, sat on the couch and enjoyed the silence as I was the first one to be up in the house. After about twenty minutes Martin showed up and kept me company while I waited for Edwin to pick me up at 8 am.

By this time though it was already 8:20 am.

We’re on African time, my friends.

After Martin called Edwin up and threatened coming late to his wedding, due to his lack of punctuality- Edwin showed up 15 minutes later. It was all in good fun though.

Austin, Edwin and I headed out to Kibera in search of a chicken. Actually two.

Today we were eating chicken from scratch: From the cage to the pot of stew in my hands.

After picking up the chickens we had to also go pick up 35 plastic chairs in Kibera to take to our parents of sponsor children meeting today.

Just imagine us three carrying 35 chairs, two chickens and walking a rocky/muddy distance of 2 kilometers.

Yeah I can’t imagine it either.
So we waited until we found someone who had a push cart we could use. And when I say wait… I mean about 40 minutes. TIA ;)

While we waited sweet little children brought us flowers and giggled as we tried to speak with them!

After arriving at the house we began to start on lunch to serve everyone!

I became Jacob’s sous chef and we made about 50 chapatis. And I got to cook half of them myself!

We had lunch with the children in the family room before our daunting task had begun….

After Edwin had begged for the third time for us to finally kill it… We went to the backyard and did the deed.

Two chickens lost their lives today.

ha! And it was well worth it :)

So then Austin and I got the opportunity to take 4 sponsor kids out for ice cream. Two of them being our own sponsor children!

It was tiring and a little hectic but well well worth it.

And once we came home we began cooking a delicious stew with Nancy to complete our wonderful night :)

This is my broad and not so detailed version of today because I can’t even describe everything that had happen.

Today was just unforgettable.

Also… I killed a chicken today.

So there’s that.





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