“We don’t like Kenya.”

“Oh, Kenya? We don’t like Kenya,” she said as she nervously laughed and gritted her teeth.

They were a nice couple. A couple from South Africa boarding our Amsterdam flight, but she didn’t hesitate her concerns. She was pleased that we were going for more than a “holiday,” to do charity work, but was a bit nervous.

I started to doubt, I started thinking, “Am I doing the right thing? Is this place scarier than I thought?” I know my parents, 99% of strangers, my friends, fellow Africans and the US Embassy themselves have all warned me, yet here I am, about to take my last flight to Kenya.

As I sat down in seat 21A, I decided that Hilary and I were going to listen to some music and this is what I had playing….

“I lean not on my own understanding, my life is in the hands of The Maker of Heaven. I give it up to you God trusting that you’ll make something beautiful out of me. There’s nothing that I hold on to.”

What else is there to say?

My own understanding says “No, no, no!” It’s not even enough to lean on. If we leaned on MY understanding, we would fall. My understanding is as thick as a sheet of paper.

But His?
Oh wow. His understanding is as firm and true and beautiful as all of creation. As powerful as an ocean and as wise as discernment itself.

I’m going to lean on His understanding and remember that my life is in His hands. I can’t hold on to anything else. No other truths, no other people, no negativity, and any other works of the enemy.

I’m asking for prayer, bold prayer that can break down the grip of worry, God has called us to move, and we can perfectly arrive there the way God has designed on His goodness alone, but imagine how peaceful it can be if the prayers of the saints join in with comforting us, and reminding us of His faithfulness.

“Oh, Kenya? We don’t like Kenya,” she said. Yes, maybe sometimes I feel that way too.

God loves Kenya though. God loves those beautiful people.

They need to know. They need Jesus.

We need Jesus.


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